The Verve Journey


your goals, unique attributes, and desired market position.  Only by thoroughly understanding your business can Verve serve you best.  We make a point of immersing our people in your business, understanding your culture and values, appreciating your competitors, and fully grasping what makes you unique.  It’s all an effort to enable us to grasp your goals fully and help you get there.


a road map that’s unique, expressly designed for you on your journey to the place you call success.  It’s in iterative process, one in which we work closely with you to determine the best route to get you where you want to go. It eliminates guesswork and ensures that we’re all heading in the same direction.


your unique attributes to achieve your desired position in your marketplace. This is where the going gets good and Verve Marketing & Design puts the verve in marketing and design.  Original thinking and dynamic design go into every aspect of the work we produce to help you achieve your goals.


the effect of your marketing efforts and helping you refine your efforts based on that knowledge.  Verve takes a highly disciplined approach to achieving success:  it’s not enough to produce a beautiful promotional piece, you need to deliver and follow up on that piece in order for the piece to work its magic.

Delivering Results

is what it’s all about.  We strive for excellence at every step of the way, but we keep in mind the journey’s end at all times:  our goal is to help you achieve your goals, whether that be increasing market share, improving brand recognition, or simply expanding revenues.

The bottom line?

It’s all about cultivating a partnership, defining a direction, establishing trust, and delivering measurable results with creativity and integrity.