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10 Ways to Refuel

It’s a good time to stop and catch your breath.  Some of us are just coming out of winter and need to refill the gas tank.  It’s important for business people (especially small business owners) to take time to recharge.  It is good for you and your company. Here are some suggestions: 1)  Do Something…

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Succession Planning From the Inside Out says, “The only way to reduce the effect of lost leadership is through a strong succession planning program that identifies and fosters the next generation of leaders through mentoring, training and stretch assignments, so they are ready to take the helm when the time comes.” Research proves that there are very few companies who…

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The Panacea

Often, when companies hire a consultant, they think it will be a panacea, the fairy dust they need to end the sleepless nights. Soon after, the truth sets in. This either gives them an “aha” moment or it punches them in the gut. The wake up message is that You, the business owner, has to…

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