What Is Verve

Founded by Diane Lemonides in 1987, Verve Marketing & Design is an award-winning creative consulting firm. We specialize in working with business owners in helping them to attract the affluent consumer to their business, product and or service. Verve Marketing & Design is a process-oriented firm that is results focused, bringing financial success to businesses.

Our clients range from bespoke manufactures to national retail franchise companies; developers of products sold on QVC to Nationally recognized museums and internationally positioned philanthropic organizations. Our clients are quite diverse; their goals however are consistent. Increase revenue, market position or market share by attracting the ideal client to their business.

Attracting discriminating clients to brands is our specialty, “affluent marketing”, “luxury marketing”, it is what we have been doing successfully for over twenty years. The process we have developed of unearthing a client’s uniqueness is the same successful process we have been using for years. What has changed are the diverse tools available to tightly position a company.

All marketing tools are not created equally for each business, we identify what the appropriate tools are for your business, time frame and budget all based on who your ideal client is.

Verve Marketing & Design’s intimate knowledge of the affluent luxury market allows us to identify and exploit a client’s unique market position in this exclusive arena. A few tools from the Verve tool box.. Marketing plan development, Branding programs, Logo design and tag line development, Media recommendations, Media consulting & negotiation, Consulting, Budget development, Email and traditional direct mail programs, billboards, signage, sales collateral materials, Web site design, ad campaign design and development.

We are a virtual company with a telecommuting team, reducing our carbon footprint. Diane Lemonides, however is on the road a great deal consulting with clients, reviewing efforts, discussing next steps and keeping our clients focused, building the long standing relationships that have sustained our company for years.