About Us

In 1988, The Lemonides Design Group opened its doors in Hoboken, New Jersey. In 1992, we moved the company to Brandywine Valley of southeastern, Pennsylvania. In 2000, we grew our services and expanded our name as well — to Verve Marketing & Design. For nearly three decades, Verve Marketing & Design has delivered on a promise of growth and prosperity for truly exceptional small- and mid-sized businesses. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions, including strategy, marketing, design, packaging, and representation.

Verve Marketing & Design is a virtual company under the leadership of marketing specialist Diane Lemonides. For companies without an in-house marketing department, Verve Marketing & Design acts as their marketing team. For those with an internal team, we serve as their partner, helping to execute their plans, programs and transition. The result is personalized attention and an objective point of view from the best of the best in the business.

Our Journey

Verve Marketing & Design is all about cultivating a partnership, defining a direction, establishing trust,
and delivering measurable results.

  • Identify

    Where do you want your business to be in the next five years? What are your projections for revenue? We dive deep into your business in order to understand your culture and values, your competition and unique attributes. It’s the first step in getting you where you want to be.

  • Create

    We create a road map expressly designed for your business. This not only eliminates guesswork, it also ensures we’re all on the same page, every step of the way.

  • Leverage

    What makes your business stand out? Why would a customer choose you over the competition? We leverage your unique attributes, and add original thinking and dynamic design, to help you achieve your business goals and desired market position.

  • Measure

    How is your marketing performing? Is there room for improvement? We continually measure the effects of your marketing efforts, and with that data in hand, we refine your marketing for even greater success.

  • Deliver

    Results are what it’s all about. We strive for excellence at each stage of the process, and we keep in mind the journey’s end at all times — whether it’s increasing market share, improving brand recognition, or simply boosting revenue.


People Are Talking About Verve

"Diane Lemonides was a recent guest speaker for The Union League of Philadelphia's New Jersey Business Network at Tavistock Country Club. Diane is a compelling speaker who effectively outlined the unique dimensions of the luxury goods and services market. Her presentation of what, where and most importantly why the affluent client chooses the products and services that they frequent was a fascinating study. From marketing to branding, advertising to positioning, Diane brings real world success stories of elevating her clients' luxury products and services from mediocrity to superiority in their market segment."

- David Hunt, Union League of Philadelphia

“The professionals at Lemonides Design Group have been a pleasure to work with. They are creative and inspired problem solvers with excellent graphic sensibilities. They provide high-quality creative services at fair prices--and they deliver on time! We recommend them highly."

- Mary Ruggiero, Marketing Manager, Campus Dining Services, University of Pennsylvania

“Diane Lemonides’ presentation to The Luxury Marketing Council Tampa Bay balanced uncommon sense with counterintuitive luxury tactics ensuring takeaways that were being implemented the next morning. Diane has the unique ability to connect with small business owners; sharing insights that are executable without large expense or delay. Furthermore, she makes entrepreneurs feel good about who they are, their mission in selling the affluent consumer, and why their participation in the luxury segment is of paramount importance."

- Chris Ramey Affluent Insights, Luxury Marketing Council

"Lemonides offers the perfect combination of talent and professionalism. Big-town design with small-town service is hard to come by these days, but not at Lemonides Design."

- Teresa Vivolo, Production Manager, Wintethur Museum, Garden & Library

"Guiding visitors around 650 acres while presenting over 300 years of history and horticulture is no mean feat. Lemonides helped Tyler Arboretum create a truly distinctive, directionally correct Visitor Guide and Map that not only gets our visitors to our destinations but presents a wealth of information through creative graphic design."

- Kate Farrell, Kirsten Werner Public Relations Associate, Tyler Arboretum

"I love what she is doing, I see it as a great networking tool. Its the synergy with who we are attracting and who she is attracting."

- Rayna Segal, Philadelphia magazine