Diane knows business. Whatever stage your business is in, Diane and the Verve team can guide you. Diane’s know-how comes not only from her expertise in design and marketing, but she is a savvy guide. She will dig deep not only into the “whys” of your business, but the “whys” of you- the business owner, and what your goals are, immediate goals, long range goals, and check them off one by one as you achieve them. I highly recommend Diane as your design and brand strategist!!

Karyn Villante

Owner | Designer MADE*HERE NEW YORK™

Thanks for a great job on the brochure. I still can't believe how smoothly things went. The brochure has been well received by the US Marketing group and the design looks great. Thanks to you and your staff for all your hard work.

Mary Senkarik

Art Director IMS Health

Diane Lemonides was a recent guest speaker for The Union League of Philadelphia's New Jersey Business Network at Tavistock Country Club. Diane is a compelling speaker who effectively outlined the unique dimensions of the luxury goods and services market. Her presentation of what, where and most importantly why the affluent client chooses the products and services that they frequent was a fascinating study. From marketing to branding, advertising to positioning, Diane brings real world success stories of elevating her clients' luxury products and services from mediocrity to superiority in their market segment.

David Hunt

Union League of Philadelphia

Our company was in dire straits, trying to recover from a financial mess. At the same time, we were trying to tap into a different market segment. We did a few minor campaigns with Verve Marketing And Design , and Diane approached us about doing the whole marketing plan. I was skeptical, but the advisory board viewed it as money well spent to put a structure in place.
We did a marketing plan and embarked on a marketing journey with Verve. All aspects of marketing were reviewed with Verve. Our first major project with Verve created phenomenal results and new relationships.
There was definitely a give and take, where certain programs were prioritized and others put on the back burner.
The strengths, strategies and knowledge that Verve brought to the table was absolute marketing genius. We did campaigns that got us immediate results to the tune of a major project that was a 3 year endeavor. This project was a serious cash influx, allowing us to pull out of our financial mess.
The marketing campaigns are very polished, sophisticated, and buttoned up., Verve did a phenomenal job of portraying our level of craftsmanship and quality to clients. In fact, the brochures made such a statement that our clients hang on to them for years, in the event they have a new ironwork project. Years later, many call us to do the work.
With this amazing marketing, we have been able to stand apart from the competition, which has allowed us to transition to more high end projects.
Thanks to Verve, we have been able to turn the company around, and are now writing business that we would only have dreamed of years ago. Verve Marketing & Design will ALWAYS be a part of our marketing.

Amos Glick

Compass Ironworks, Gap PA

Guiding visitors around 650 acres while presenting over 300 years of history and horticulture is no mean feat. Lemonides helped Tyler Arboretum create a truly distinctive, directionally correct Visitor Guide and Map that not only gets our visitors to our destinations but presents a wealth of information through creative graphic design.

Kate Farrell

Kirsten Werner Public Relations Associate, Tyler Arboretum

Diane Lemonides’ presentation to The Luxury Marketing Council Tampa Bay balanced uncommon sense with counterintuitive luxury tactics ensuring takeaways that were being implemented the next morning. Diane has the unique ability to connect with small business owners; sharing insights that are executable without large expense or delay. Furthermore, she makes entrepreneurs feel good about who they are, their mission in selling the affluent consumer, and why their participation in the luxury segment is of paramount importance.

Chris Ramey

Affluent Insights, Luxury Marketing Council of Fla. 2010

It was a wonderful event. We so need this type of Council in Philadelphia. Best regards.

Susan Davidson

DAS Architects

I love what she is doing, I see it as a great networking tool. Its the synergy with who we are attracting and who she is attracting.

Rayna Segal

Philadelphia magazine

The professionals at Lemonides Design Group have been a pleasure to work with. They are creative and inspired problem solvers with excellent graphic sensibilities. They provide high-quality creative services at fair prices--and they deliver on time! We recommend them highly.

Mary Ruggiero

Marketing Manager, Campus Dining Services, University of Pennsylvania

I saw what you had done with the Luxury Council, and I referred to that at last week's NBS as an example of thought leadership. Good work!

David Baker


Lemonides offers the perfect combination of talent and professionalism. Big-town design with small-town service is hard to come by these days, but not at Lemonides Design.

Teresa Vivolo

Production Manager, Wintethur Museum, Garden & Library

I received copies of the Flights of Fancy catalogue yesterday. I am very pleased with what you have done to my short story. You have given it great beauty and permanence. I feel certain the phenomenon of birds on silver spoons will live for a long time in history thanks to you!

Donald Fennimore

Curator, Winterthur Museum

I wanted to let you know that the presentation you gave was very beneficial. It got me thinking outside the box and out of my production mindset I am in everyday.

Tim Trimmer

Professional Grounds, Inc.