True luxury heightens the senses – seeing the Aurora Borealis with swishes of hazy color in the night sky, feeling 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, smelling vintage Bordeaux as it swirls in a crystal-stemmed goblet, hearing The Marriage of Figaro live from your balcony seat, tasting red caviar as it melts on your tongue. These examples are unique and special, but isn’t that the point of luxury? Every luxury experience should be exceptional, authentic and meaningful. It’s the experience that makes the consumer feel that they’ve partaken in something luxurious. So how does your business capture luxury, spin it into an exceptional experience and make the consumer come back time and time again?

Every aspect of every industry is shifting due to our scattered economy. A value proposition your company can offer to the consumer is the Full Experience – it’s handholding from start to finish, paying attention to details and customizing factors often as simple as hand-written thank you notes. Although the amenities offered for each experience are important, it’s the way the customer is treated prior to, during and after the experience that truly makes the mark.

In our ever-changing world, both from an economic and technological standpoint, the key is determining the best way to reach consumers in today’s market. Mediums such as television, radio, magazines and newspapers have taken a hit over the past year as many marketing budgets reallocate funds into online strategies – SEM, viral campaigns, blogs and the ever-growing popularity of social networking online. This is where your brand and message needs to be buttoned up – today’s consumers are reading reviews, relaying experiences via blogs, chatting to friends, colleagues and family via Facebook and Twitter and accessible 24/7 on iPhones and Blackberries. Whether your company’s experience lives up to its potential or not, hundreds of people will know with the tap of a keyboard and click of a ‘post’ button.

It’s also necessary to stay in touch with what luxury is today. It’s still the bespoke, the finely crafted and the couture. The changing factor is the luxury consumer. It’s a new elite class that expects a crafted experience, value-added compensation for loyalty and the opportunity to share experiences with friends and colleagues. It’s the companies that cater to these needs, anticipating every detail and providing take-away products and services once the experience ends that will stand out in today’s market. It’s also foreseeing the consumer’s needs, which is the value of your role: offer what they desire before they know they want it.

When catering to the luxury consumer, make sure every “t” is crossed and “i” is dotted. It’s ensuring your brand is buttoned-up, communicated to the right audience via the best mediums, being flexible as times and consumers change, and remaining true to your message. It’s the entire experience; engaging all of the senses to see, touch, smell, hear and taste the uniqueness that is your brand’s experience. This experience is true luxury.

Does your business creates a luxury experience but has trouble capturing the right audience? Do you feel online marketing strategies are out of reach but important for communicating your message? Verve Marketing & Design can help. Please contact Diane Lemonides, President & Brand Strategist at 610.358.2304 or



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