Often, when companies hire a consultant, they think it will be a panacea, the fairy dust they need to end the sleepless nights. Soon after, the truth sets in. This either gives them an “aha” moment or it punches them in the gut.

The wake up message is that You, the business owner, has to do the changing. Will you run from this challenge or will you look at yourself in the mirror and decide to start doing things differently? We are creatures of habit, that’s true. But the cold hard truth is that to grow your business you have to let go of some of those old habits and try something new. You might use incentives to motivate your employees, but who is pushing you? Who is holding you accountable? How much do you want the change?

In these difficult economic times, it is the person seeing this as an “aha” moment who can make the necessary changes. These are the business owners willing to do the hard work of reassessing, evaluating and changing. One day at a time, staying with the plan. Can you see it through? Will you pick up your left foot, put it down and then pick up your right and put it down, moving ever forward?

A consultant can help you create the plan, but the success of it is up to you. Will you use this truth to inspire you or keep you stuck in the same old?

It takes willingness to change and determination to do what it takes. As a business owner, you’re used to rolling up your sleeves and getting busy. Listen to your consultant and then do what needs to be done.

I’ll get you started –
Don‘t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.
Do what’s hard first.
A journey of 1000 miles starts with one step.
A small amount of effort, applied regularly, produces results.
Now, think of some sayings of your own.

Remember, the great panacea that will help you sleep again is none other than you.



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