In nature, this is the time of the season to prepare the soil and get ready to plant.  The same is true for Business.

Before we plant our garden, we must clear the area.  For plans to succeed we need to pull out what’s old and withered or broken. This is a good time to take a closer look at marketing efforts.  Are there activities that don’t seem to be producing results?  Maybe you have outdated products.  Do your signs and marketing materials reflect your current offerings?  Are you working the programs you hoped to at the beginning of the year? You might check to see if the ones you’re working are at optimal levels.  It may be time to let people go or reorganize, reassign projects. All of this will clear the way for innovation in the coming months.

Turning over the soil you may uncover hidden gems.  Working in the soil can be very fertile!  Turn over ideas in your mind and then bring them out into the light of day to share with colleagues.  You may find new ways you hadn’t thought of.   Tilling at this level of detail, you may discover areas that require further weeding.  Clean up your office or organize store rooms, for instance.

Finally, it’s time to add nourishment to the soil.  Don’t dismiss old ideas.  Just because they’ve sat around awhile doesn’t mean they can’t be of value now.  Add whatever help you may need.  Contact that new supplier or add the new employees. Sound choices now can keep your garden healthy throughout the season.

Do you have plans you’ve been preparing for the last few months? Even if some have begun sprouting, that doesn’t mean they are ready to survive on their own.  Make sure they have what they need before you put them in the ground.

Then, the fun begins!  What is it you want to accomplish in the next few months?  What will you plant in your garden?  Do you want to try new products, investigate new markets?  This is a good time to take stock of the goals you set in the beginning of the year.  Have you forgotten anything? Is there more you want to do, now?

Plan your garden now and so you can enjoy the fruits throughout a prosperous growing season.

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