It’s just human nature. When everyone else is doing it, we tend to follow. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, No Shipping Thursday . . . where to next? People become caught up in groupthink, and like the fabled lemmings, will jump off a cliff if everyone else does it. We must shop this way on this day. We must shop this way on the next day, we must shop this way on the following day.
The reality is that every day is the Right Day to buy from you. There’s no sense in turning away customers who are, like the rest of the flock, deciding to buy on certain days because the prevailing wisdom says so. The harm is in, as business owners and marketers, to fall into the trap. There’s a risk of getting lazy in your attempts to differentiate yourself and attract Your customers.

Creators of bespoke products are innovators; those few who walk outside the crowd. It was this pioneering spirit which created the company in the first place. The customers of fine goods are discerning, independent buyers. Though they may get caught in the marketing ploy of the day, their quest is for the unique and original. Not the everyday.

As business owners of high-end products, you have a responsibility to stand up for what you believe, to be a trail blazer. The leadership of the company and marketers alike do the company a disservice by backing away from the imaginative thinking the company was founded on. Being happy with the status quo of allowing your customers to come to you simply on the bandwagon, tarnishes your brand.

Creativity and ingenuity built this country and built great brands. As bespoke manufacturers you must lead, innovate and propel your business to a new day!



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