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On December 19th we got the call…. The call that would send us into a frenzy. A new business is going to launch its product line to the world and we were the team to make it happen. Launch dates and location were firm: March 4th Salt Lake City, followed by Las Vegas, then NYC.

We had to identify short and long term goals, the ideal client, the dealer base, geographic reach, and the supply chain needed to support success. These were the initial questions that got the ball rolling. Time to sit down and schedule every detail needed to launch this new business and its product line; none of which had a name yet.

This past Friday we took a big deep breath, we did it. The client and the newly hired national sales rep were on their way with tools in place to make the launch a success. Looking back over the past two months, the key to the success was communication, planning and scheduling, and most importantly, putting together the best team to make it happen.

When an innovative product is developed that does not yet exist, it’s the Wild West for opportunity and development, and paving the way. The process started much as it does for other business launches. Research, planning, scheduling, then rolling up the sleeves to do the needed work. In the past two months, we worked many long days to accomplish the completed to do list. First, the corporate and product line names were created to appeal to the ideal client base.

Once the names were known, a cohesive corporate brand had to be created from scratch, including:

  • Corporate attitude was designed to appeal to the ideal client
  • Color palette and typographic treatment
  • Style of photography and corporate story
  • Corporate and division logos for connected established for connected product lines
  • Tag line
  • Business cards
  • Product photo shoot
  • Sell sheets and brochures
  • Trademark and LLC with the legal team
  • Web site design and launch
  • Social media set up
  • National AdWords campaign
  • Multi functional trade show booth design
  • Custom 90 second sales video production included script writing, voice over, music, editing a specialized high speed videography Trade show billboard video.

  • Trade show banner ads and show communication placement
  • Prospect lists and post show communication tools

Our over the top hectic 2.5 months would not have been possible without our dedicated team of professionals. We, are grateful to each of you- Amy P, Amy A, Leslie, Rick, Ryan, Jennifer, Jim & Tyler. Thank you for the parts you each played in reaching deadlines with excellence. The reward was a Saturday morning call from the client expressing his sincere thanks.

Growing businesses for over 30 years, one planned step at a time-

Diane Lemonides



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